How To Get A Job In Tech


This 4-post series, written for people trying to get their first job in tech, provides a detailed approach towards understanding what it takes to get a job in the valley. We’ll start with an overview of job-hunting followed by A way to get your resume to pass the screen test before moving on to applying for jobs. The tutorial will be completed by an in-depth interview preparation topics and finally cover negotiation

Who is this for?

This tutorial is for anyone looking to apply to tech jobs in the valley. Preparing for interviews post is exclusively for Software Engineering positions.

Also, I want to cover posts for people who are not from big-name schools or don’t have Big-N internships.

All opinions in this blog are my own. I am going to talk about my experience and share with you all the tips and tricks I learned on the way. While a lot of you might not agree with these methods, it’s important to remember that this was the way I approached this challenge.

Feel free to use any content of this blog post that you think is good for you.

The Series

Ready to get started? Here we go:

1. How To Get A Job In Tech: Resume (1/4)

A ready to go resume is your most powerful way to get interviews.

2. How To Get A Job In Tech: Applying (2/4)

Four ways to effectively apply to jobs.

3. How To Get A Job In Tech: Interviewing (3/4)

Cracking the behavioral and coding interview.

4. How To Get A Job In Tech: Understanding Compensation and Negotiating (4/4)

A guide that helps you maximize your offer.

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